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  • Knowing what's what. In German, French or Spanish.
    Syntax Sprachen, your simultaneous interpreters.

    Syntax Sprachen stands for professional conference interpreters, expert language practitioners dedicated to the highest possible standards. Our home base is in Frankfurt, Germany. Whatever you have on your agenda, a multilingual conference, board meeting, sales convention or TV show, in Frankfurt or anywhere else, we'll do the interpreting for you. We're spot-on, we're 100% reliable and we deliver exactly what you need.

    • About us.

      All our expertise is yours for the asking. Syntax Sprachen is a team of six simultaneous interpreters, men and women, university graduates all. We've had years of experience translating for clients from all walks of business. But what really makes us special is our commitment to supreme quality, our enthusiasm for the subjects we specialise in and, quite simply, our love of the job.

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    • What we do.

      Whether the job is for German, French or Spanish, Syntax interpreters specialise in a wide variety of fields, business and finance, the automotive industry, IT, engineering and lots more besides. But that's not all. Whatever event you have on the table, symposium or board meeting, training session or rock concert, we can lay on the perfect team of interpreters. And we'll be there to advise you in detail before things get off the ground.

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    • FAQ.

      What is this simultaneous interpreting all about? How many interpreters will I need for my event? What?s the best equipment for the job? What is "consecutive interpreting" when it's at home? Here you'll find answers to many of your questions about what we do best. If you have more, we?ll be happy to hear from you by phone or e-mail.
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    • Blog.

      The latest news about the Syntax team, notes on our interpreting assignments in Frankfurt, throughout Germany, or all over the world, the things we care about, both on the job and off it, interesting links to click your way through. All this and more.
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    • Networking.

      A whole network of hand-picked local interpreters is ready to swing into action wherever you need them. This allows us to keep costs to a minimum for you. Conference equipment is another sector where we work hand in hand with an unbeatably dependable partner enterprise. For top-flight translations of a legal nature, get in touch with Lingua Legis. If you need anything else, simply ask us.