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Welcome to Syntax Sprachen GmbH, your go-to specialists for professional interpreting services in Frankfurt, Germany. Legal interpretation is one of our specialties: Our skilled legal interpreters are frequently engaged for depositions, arbitrations, or witness hearings. We support smooth communication and effective representation in all your legal proceedings, be it in German, English, Spanish or French.

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Where our legal interpreters work

  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Patent infringement proceedings
  • Depositions
  • Legal symposiums

Why choose our legal interpreters

Accurate interpreting is paramount in legal proceedings, be it depositions, international arbitration or proceedings before a local court. Our interpreters excel at faithfully reproducing what is said in another language. In fact, they provide numerous key benefits:

  • Expertise: Our interpreters offer market-leading accuracy due to their university-level training and extensive experience.
  • Confidentiality: We prioritise client confidentiality and ensure strict privacy of all interactions.
  • Language skills: Our linguists always make perfect sense, speaking German, English, Spanish or French at native speaker level.
  • Efficiency: Our interpreters deliver their translation without hesitation and remain calm even in turbulent situations.

Interpreters you can trust

You have probably seen or heard a bad translation at some point, so you can imagine the uncertainty this causes for all parties involved, particularly the witnesses. This can result in the need for corrections, delays in proceedings, and increased expenses. In more severe cases, errors in translation could even impact the final outcome. It's a risk you should avoid.

Our interpreters inspire trust with their confident and skillful performance. This helps increase witness confidence, leading to more convincing testimonies. And it improves procedural efficiency a great deal.

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