From analyst meetings to rock concerts.
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When others speak, we kick into overdrive. How do we do it? Read the references other clients have given us. Listen in to live recordings of our translators performing at full stretch.

Knowing what's what:
Simultaneous translation at technical conferences.

Syntax interpreters have proved their mettle at any number of conferences on an immense range of subjects. Take a look at what some our clients have to say. We'll be happy to e-mail you a choice of detailed references - after checking back with the respective clients.

What does it sound like when Syntax interpreters swing into action?

Generation Greta

From the Streets to the Polling Station
Panel Discussion hosted by Hertie School and the Hertie Foundation

– live translation into English –

Audi Board of Management

presents corporate realignment to shareholders

– live translation into English –
– turn on audio in video window –

CHARGE Conference

Sandra Noorlander interprets for the CHARGE Syndrome Association on the topic of visual impairments

– live translation into German –

Interpreter days

When Meryl Streep suddenly speaks German
and Olaf Scholz sounds completely at home in Spanish.

Thanks to Syntax interpreters these personalities can suddenly speak more languages:

Leonardo di Caprio
King Charles III
Bill Clinton
Sean Connery
Daniel Craig
Miley Cyrus

Diana, Princess of Wales
Lady Gaga
Bill Gates
Nicole Kidman
Diego Maradona
Elon Musk
Angela Merkel

Barack Obama
Olaf Scholz
Meryl Streep
Greta Thunberg

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