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Experts in action. Syntax provides you with top-notch conference interpreters for German, Spanish, French – and almost every subject imaginable. Our interpreters are available across Germany, whether in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg or Berlin. You need specialists for other languages too? Or help with professional conferencing equipment or a multilingual video conference? Just ask us.

Let us know what the interpreters should help you with. We will then suggest a team of specialists:


Press conference or panel discussion, congress or ceremony with a multilingual audience: Our interpreters will make sure that your message comes across in every language.


We offer German, English, Spanish, French and other languages used in international meetings. You'd like to find out more about our interpreters and their languages?


Finance, automotive or legal services: We have proved our mettle in an extensive range of industries, with subjects ranging from banking supervision to arbitration proceedings.

Help finding the right equipment?
We have the solution: Interpreting booths, microphones, help with Web meeting platforms.
Just ask.

In-person meetings

Organising a conference or business meeting where attendees will speak different languages? Take advantage of our package of professional simultaneous interpreters, support with conference eqipment and project management.

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Hybrid events

You are planning a meeting where people can attend both in-person and online? The best of both worlds – and, with our help, in several languages on top of that.

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Video conferences

Everything you need for a successful online meeting in several languages: Use our offer of interpreters and support to make sure things will work out on your Web meeting platform.

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Solutions that really work

There is one unique benefit when working with us: At Syntax, your adviser and project manager will always be a seasoned conference interpreter. Why does this matter? It means we know from first-hand experience which set-up is particularly successful for which format,  what to consider when preparing the meeting and which specific interpreter is ideal for your event. You can then concentrate one hundred percent on the job at hand.

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