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Video conferences with real-time translation

You are looking for live translators for an online meeting? Maybe for an online event targeting a German audience, where flawless translation from English into German is extremely important? Our company, Syntax Sprachen in Frankfurt, can offer you everything needed for this to work seamlessly: interpreters, platform and studio. Here is how it works:

Key components for translation at a video conference

You need excellent simultaneous interpreters. Ours are university-trained, mostly based in Germany and with German as their mother tongue. For a video conference they will usually work locally from a nearby interpreting studio. This will help you book the very best local experts and avoid traveling expenses. One example would be a meeting in the financial sector and a typical German audience, where a Frankfurt-based interpreter has a clear advantage. Our in-house languages are English, German, Spanish, French, with other languages upon request.

A video conferencing platform
Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting and others have become household names. But many systems are not multi-channel, which means they don't allow several languages to be spoken at the same time. Some are, and participants will then be able to simply chose their language on screen. We have experience with various setups and can tell you what will work.

An interpreting studio
Professional interpreters work in a professional environment. Their full attention should be on the content of the meeting, not the equipment. And you certainly don't want the interpreting system to go down during the meeting. Maximum reliability will be guaranteed by using an interpreting studio (known in the industry as "remote simultaneous interpreting hub" or "RSI hub"). They are operated by professionals who will make sure that every interpreter receives the audio and video feed, that all languages will be sent out on the right channel and that any problems that may occur are solved immediately.

Our advice

  • Solutions are available for multilingual interpretation during virtual meetings. The professional set-up will involve some additional cost, but offers better reliability and convenience. Usually, the interpreters will be able to work in a studio close to their home, which reduces traveling expenses.
  • Make sure you work with an experienced agency. Simultaneous interpretation requires a lot more than just launching a meeting on one of the commonly used video platforms. We are happy to discuss these issues – and the solutions – with you and your IT department.
  • Simultaneous interpreters need excellent audio quality. Bear in mind that they are speaking while they are listening. So it's necessary to make sure that all participants pay particular attention to what equipment they use and how they use it. But when you think of it, excellent sound quality will benefit everybody, not just the interpreters.
  • Professional interpreters will always give their best and maintain a constructive attitude throughout. However, when they find that they are unable to provide a reliable translation of what's being said, they will interrupt. This is not a deficiency, but actually part of a professional service, because it ensures that no information is lost inadvertently.

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