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Hybrid events with real-time translation

You’re planning an event that is in-person and virtual at the same time? Some participants will be physically present, others linked in via video conferencing software? And they don't all speak the same language? Sounds tricky, but there are hassle-free solutions. What you need is an outfit that can not only provide you with professional conference interpreters and all the technical equipment but can also draw upon ample experience running hybrid events.

A hybrid event is a challenge. It's a live event combining in-person participation with virtual attendance. And everyone should be able to join in on equal terms, whether they are on-site or not. Add several different languages to the equation and many organizers might feel a little overwhelmed. But solutions are available, and so are agencies with the experience to make them work. One of them is Syntax Sprachen in Frankfurt, Germany. Every event is different, of course, so it’s essential to get together and find out what suits your situation best. But let's just take a look at a typical example.

Case study: A hybrid and multilingual meeting

An international company whose corporate HQ is in Frankfurt organizes its Supervisory Board meetings as hybrid events. One part is the physical meeting in a conference room in Frankfurt, the other a video conference for those who can't travel. The languages used are German and English. The client books the simultaneous interpreters of Syntax Sprachen and all the equipment needed. Everything is installed at the Frankfurt venue: microphones, speakers, screens, cameras, interpreting booths. The interpreters work on-site, where they can best keep tabs on the proceedings and where technical support is available if needed.

Those taking part online are linked in via video conference, which means they hear and see all the other participants and the presentations on their computer or tablet screens. The Board members in the meeting room see the online participants on large screens and hear them through the AV system. This setup means that discussion between the two groups can run just as smoothly as if they were in the same room.

But how can everyone hear the translation? The people on site use receivers with earphones. At video-conference level there are multi-channel platforms where users can simply choose their language on screen.

Here are the benefits of a hybrid multilingual event:

  • let more people attend, or reach out to a larger audience for public events
  • add more languages to reach out to an even wider and international audience
  • greater interaction thanks to simultaneous translation, no language barriers
  • working with experienced agencies will ensure maximum reliability

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