Why human interpreters are essential

When it comes to simultaneous interpreting at meetings or events, human translators or interpreters have several distinct advantages over AI interpreting systems. AI translation technology may be advancing, but it cannot yet match the skills and capabilities of real interpreters.

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The power of human conference interpreters

  • AI interpretation delivery is often difficult to follow and easily tires out listeners, while well-trained human interpreters provide a simultaneous translation that you can actually enjoy listening to and effortlessly follow.
  • One of the main advantages of a human conference interpreter is their ability to accurately understand and convey complex and nuanced messages. Language is more than just words; it involves cultural connotations, idiomatic expressions, and subtle meanings that can be challenging for AI systems to accurately interpret.
  • Human interpreters are able to interpret non-verbal cues such as gestures, facial expressions, and body language, which are crucial for conveying the full meaning of a speaker's message.
  • Human interpreters, thanks to their empathy, are able to switch between speakers or positions and accurately convey the intended message to the audience instead of mechanically translating words.
  • Perhaps most importantly, human interpreters adapt to sensitive situations and can make sure that the translation does no harm, unlike machines that produce detached words without consequences in mind.

Experienced human conference interpreters remain the best choice for providing interpreting services to a human audience, despite promising advancements in AI. Their adaptability, nuanced understanding of communication, and strong sense of responsibility make them essential for ensuring accurate and effective cross-language communication at meetings and events.

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