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Simultaneous translators

Conference professionals rendering a speech in another language without the speaker having to pause are often called "simultaneous translators". The technical term is "simultaneous interpreters". If you are looking for linguists to do this for you – primarily in German, English, Spanish or French  – get in touch with us, Syntax Sprachen GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany.

Typical example: A Board meeting with simultaneous translators

Here’s a typical example from our portfolio of clients: The Supervisory Board of a large corporation in Germany is mostly German but also has some non-German members representing the international parent company. These international members do not speak German, so they use English instead. The Germans can all understand what they say, so it may seem natural to ask everyone to speak English. But the meetings are about complex issues and everyone needs to make their point clearly. In a foreign language this is not so easy. Some will fall back on simplified language, others may insert German words if they can't think of the equivalent in English (and a whopper like "Rechnungsabgrenzungsposten" will leave all the non-Germans completely in the dark).

Professional real-time translators are the ideal solution. The Germans will be able to say everything exactly as they want to say it. The international representatives can follow everything on their earphones and, because it's in real time, take part in the discussion as it happens. As former German foreign secretary Hans-Dietrich Genscher once said: Everybody says exactly what they want to say. Not only what they are able to say.

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