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When searching for an interpreter, it makes sense to rely on an interpreting agency. However, this can lead to mishaps, particularly when you are looking for the right simultaneous interpreter for the job. That's why we have compiled some handy tips to help you find the perfect match.

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Of course, you have the option of looking for individual interpreters and assessing their abilities firsthand. However, this is quite a hassle, so employing the services of an agency can be helpful. But even with an agency that looks professional, you can't be certain about the actual interpreters you will be getting in the end. And just because an agency offers "translation services" doesn't necessarily mean they know all about the challenges of interpreting, especially simultaneous interpreting.

The solution lies in agencies that are run by interpreters.

Syntax Sprachen GmbH in Frankfurt is such an agency and has been providing specialized interpreting services since 1995. It takes one to know one – that's how we know who is a good interpreter and who is not.

Why Syntax? Because:

  • Our consultant interpreters know from first-hand experience what will work best.
  • We can assist you in sourcing the simultaneous interpreting equipment you may need.
  • Well-established company with a long track record.
  • Transparent quotes, no unpleasant surprises.

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