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Simultaneous Translation

Put simply, simultaneous translation is when a speaker says something during a meeting and somebody else can listen to it in a different language. Professionals call it simultaneous interpreting instead of translation, because, strictly speaking, the word "translation" only refers to a written rendering. At conferences, this service is performed by simultaneous interpreters working from soundproofed booths. This means that the speech in question can be translated into several languages at the same time. Listeners use earphones and simply choose their language from their receivers. If this is what you are looking for, focusing perhaps primarily on German, Spanish, French and English, get in touch.

A typical conference with simultaneous translation into German and English

This example from our portfolio is an international congress on polymer technology. The speakers all have an academic background and are used to speaking English, so that in itself is no problem. But most of the participants are from Germany, because that is where the conference is taking place. And an important part of the event is the exhibition, which is geared to trade visitors. They have no problems with everyday English, but following technical presentations in a foreign language is a different story – especially when the speakers come from all over the world and have different accents.

In this situation, real-time translation between English and German makes things a lot easier for all concerned. And it's a relief to be able to ask questions in one’s own language. To offer this service, the organizer has booked a team of live translators from our company, Syntax Sprachen in Frankfurt, plus all the equipment required. Everyone there is given a receiver with earphones and can now follow the entire conference in either English or German.

The interpreters have been hand-picked not only for their language skills but also for their experience and their familiarity with the technicalities of the subject. They have also spent many hours preparing the content and terminology of every presentation they will be interpreting. This will ensure a highly competent translation into German, removing the language barriers and enabling all participants to focus on the content.

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