Fachkonferenzen – Simultanübersetzung

Knowing what's what:

Simultaneous translation at technical conferences.

Syntax interpreters have proved their mettle at any number of conferences on an immense range of subjects. Here are some selected examples.

Where we provide simultaneous translation:

Business and Finance
Press conferences (financial and other), supervisory board meetings, shareholder meetings, European works council meetings, marketing events

Engineering and Automotive
International congresses, product presentations, training sessions

IT and Telecommunications
Road shows, product presentations, user and consumer conventions, sales meetings, training sessions

Medicine and Pharmacy
Specialist conferences and symposia, product presentations, workshops

Depositions, arbitration proceedings, symposia, negotiations

Delegations, bilateral political talks, events on international cooperation, town twinning

Culture and Society
TV broadcasts, concerts, events on topics such as literature, philosophy, religion

Higher Education, Academia, Social Sciences
Conferences, symposia, conventions, lectures, workshops

We'll be happy to e-mail you a choice of detailed references - after checking back with the relevant clients.

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